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Everything you need to know about: Swedish, Danish and Finnish buyers

Did you know that interest in Spanish properties by Scandinavian buyers has increased dramatically in recent years? In fact, we’ve seen on average a 40% increase in enquiries year on year from 2016 to 2017 across Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Given the dramatic increase in interest from Swedes, Danes and Finns, it pays to get to know a little about your North European counterparts so you can foster good relationships with them and get those sales coming in.

This is what you need to know about the growing Scandinavian market.

Some important geography basics

Of course you know where Scandinavia is, but confusing (or amalgamating) the countries is one of the inhabitants’ pet hates. We’ve combined them in this post because the buying stats are so similar, but generally you should refer to people by the country they come from. Denmark, Sweden and Finland are different countries with different languages and different cultures – it will pay to remember this and not label them all as ‘Scandinavian’.

Similarly it is important to remember that Danes are not Dutch and Swedes are not Swiss – these are common mistakes that can annoy a native of Denmark or Sweden.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…

What types of properties are Scandinavians buying?

Looking into the 2017 data it becomes clear that apartments are overwhelmingly the type of property purchased most frequently by people from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The provinces of Alicante and Malaga feature highly in the list of most desirable locations for Scandinavian buyers, with Torrevieja topping the list for all three nations. Adding apartments in these areas to your portfolio could increase the level of interest you receive from Scandinavia.

What will they be looking for in a property?

Scandinavians have a good eye for design – after all, some of the region’s biggest exports are Lego and IKEA. Many people from this area enjoy clean lines and contemporary minimalism which means that the textured or rough walls and highly decorated living areas of traditional Spanish properties are unlikely to appeal. This could explain their general preference for apartment-type buildings rather than traditional homesteads.

Filling your portfolio with modern properties will give you more success with Scandinavian buyers.

Scandinavian etiquette

Scandinavians are inherently punctual, so do everything you can to avoid being late for an appointment.

When you do meet, it is worth remembering that people from this region tend to like personal space. In fact they can be fairly reserved. Avoid too much personal contact on first meeting – we suggest a respectful handshake for all members of the family.

Be aware also that Scandinavians are used to addressing each other informally. Most prefer you to use their given name or surname instead of a formal title – take your cue from your customer as to how they wish to be addressed. This is the same for both sexes. Scandinavians view equality as extremely important, so be sure to treat both men and women in the same way.

Also, avoid salutations such as “How are you?” Particularly with the Danish, conversations tend to be more direct and general pleasantries are deemed “without substance”. Instead ask about specifics like their trip, or better still get straight down to business.

By learning more about buyers from Sweden, Denmark and Finland you will not only be able to strengthen your portfolio by making strategic acquisitions to attract them, you’ll be better positioned to convert the lead once they make an enquiry.

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