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Get international buyer insights with our new podcast

If you want to sell successfully, you need to understand your target customer. There are all sorts of ways to get insights into buyer behaviour, including the in-depth data reports we produce for our agents.

But what if you could learn what international buyers are really looking for, and how they feel about the process of buying a property in Spain, by interviewing them.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in Kyero’s newly launched Spanish property podcast. Each week we will be interviewing people who have recently bought a property in Spain. We’ll be finding out what went well with their search, what didn’t go so well, and what they would do differently next time.

These are real stories from buyers who recently purchased their dream home in Spain, giving an objective, authentic account of the buying process. Not only will they be useful for people starting out on the purchase journey, they will also give you the kind of inside information that will help agents to increase enquiries and close more sales.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Android and Spotify; conveniently listen whilst you’re out and about in the car, working from the office or catch up in the evening.

How will the podcast benefit you?

By listening to conversations with real buyers, recorded soon after they’ve made their purchase, you’ll hear their honest thoughts about the buying process they’ve just experienced. This will give you an unbiased account of the ups and downs, and valuable insights into the international buyer:

  • Discover which bits of the buying process people found to be easy and problem free, giving you useful tips to incorporate into your own methods.
  • Find out what buyers saw as the biggest hurdles they had to overcome, so you can find ways to ease similar pains for your own clients, either by avoiding them in the first place or providing reassurance around common issues.
  • Pick up useful tips and ideas that the buyers themselves suggest would improve the whole process of purchasing a property.

Get involved! Feature your happy buyers in an upcoming podcast episode.

We’re on the hunt for more buyers to share their experiences. Get in touch to showcase your happy buyers in an upcoming podcast episode to reach new, prospective buyers – for free!

How to access Kyero’s podcasts

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