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Top 10 features international buyers are looking for in their dream home

When you’re trying to sell properties to an international market it can be hard to know exactly what people are looking for. After all, they are not necessarily interested in exactly the same things as the local buyers you know so well.

But if you can get to understand what appeals to people searching in your area, then you will know exactly the types of properties to source for your portfolio. And what’s more, you will be able to use carefully crafted property descriptions to highlight the things that are most important to your audience.

Here are some things that years of experience in the international property market have taught us will be attractive to the international buyers browsing Spanish properties through Kyero:

Air conditioning

When moving to a country with a warmer climate, the first thing on many searchers’ lists will be to make sure that their new property can keep them comfortable, even in the height of summer.

Balcony / terrace

Easy access to alfresco dining is seen a ‘must have’ when buyers are emigrating to a warm country like Spain. Many envisage a life of breakfasting on the terrace in the morning sun. Help them to see that this could become a reality for them.

Garden / outdoor space

And as well as a terrace many searchers will be looking for more outdoor space. Space to wander and breathe in the warmth of the air and feel the sunshine on their skin. Many would also enjoy the space to plant some flowers, or grow fresh produce perhaps that they could not have grown in their own country.

BBQ / outdoor grill / pizza oven

Can you see a theme emerging? Eating, socialising and spending time outdoors are huge motivating factors for international buyers coming from colder climates. As such, ready-made outdoor cooking facilities will always be a big plus.

Swimming pool

Whether for the kids or for fitness, a pool is often high on the list of priorities for international buyers looking to emigrate to sunnier shores. It’s the kind of luxury they might not have been able to justify at home, but will be a big attraction in their new life in Spain.


International buyers will most likely want to make sure they have somewhere to park their car safely within easy reach of their property. Help them out by making it clear whether your properties offer parking.

Large windows / stunning views

Even when they’re not outside, your international buyers will want to be able to see the outside space. A beautiful view, whether across the hills, a cityscape or the sea, will be a huge selling point. Even better if it comes with huge windows through which to view it.

Walking distance to the beach

If a buyer is looking for properties in a coastal location, one of the biggest questions on their lips will be, “How long will it take me to walk to the beach?” Make sure you answer this for them within your property description. The shorter and flatter the distance, the better.

Internet access

This is vital for keeping in touch with family and friends back home, or for running a business from their new home. So it’s not surprising that international buyers prize a reasonable internet connection speed above many other things.

Wine fridge / cellar

While probably not a deal breaker, a wine fridge or cellar can be a real bonus for international buyers looking forward to a new, relaxing and sociable lifestyle. It sells a vision of sitting on a sunny terrace sipping a chilled white rioja, and that dream is what will secure the deal.

Why not set yourself up for some easy international sales? Source properties in desirable locations with this list of features in mind, and then highlight them in your listings to prove to searchers that you are offering exactly what they are looking for.

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