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How to attract the right properties onto your portfolio

As an agent you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to attract the right international buyers and encourage them to make enquiries and ultimately buy properties. But if you don’t have the right properties on your books to start with then you’re at a disadvantage.

Here are our tips for making sure that your property portfolio is as attractive as it can be to the international buyers whose attention you’re hoping to grab.

1) Identify the properties that are selling

This is where you need to do your research. But don’t worry, we’ve made it really easy for you. We regularly produce reports and blog posts on what types of properties are selling and to which buyers, so you can find out more about what the trends are. If you see that apartments are doing really well – or family homes, or properties around the €200,000 mark – make sure you’re getting properties that fit this description onto your books.

2) Put the word out that you’re looking

Showing vendors that you understand the property market and keep up with trends is a great way of gaining their trust and ensuring they choose you as their preferred agent. Keep any vendor contacts updated and let them know if their property is in demand. Show them what successes you’ve had selling properties like theirs and help them see that you’re their best choice when it comes to choosing an agent.

3) Treat vendors like you would a buyer

It’s easy to see buyers as your customers, as they’re the ones who will actually be spending the money that you’re going to get a slice of. But treating your vendors as well as you do your buyers is a smart move. Being known as an agent who is easy to sell through will make you very popular and help you get those top selling properties on your books ahead of the competition.

4) Get active on social media

There’s no denying that the world has moved online, and like it or not that means you need to be there too – or risk missing out to an agent who is. Your vendors are likely to be spending time on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so use these to show off your brand and get their attention. Even if they’re not selling right now, if they know your brand name then you’ll come to mind when they are ready to list their property.

5) Make use of testimonials

Most people prefer recommendations over taking a risky bet on someone they don’t know. That’s another reason why it’s vital that you always treat your current vendors well and, once you’ve done an excellent job of selling their home for a great price, ask them for a testimonial.

Use these on your website, on social media, even on posters and in adverts. You can also offer referral schemes, for example giving financial incentives for suitable properties that are listed thanks to a recommendation from a friend or family member.

By spending a relatively small amount of time and effort filling your portfolio with the right properties, you’ll have a lot less work to do when it comes to attracting international buyers. And as your reputation for being a great agent spreads, you’ll attract more and more top quality vendors and properties as time goes by.

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