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How to take photos that will boost your enquiries

Did you know that a property marketed with professional photographs gets 61% more views online? Or that they’re likely to sell for as much as $18,819 more than those with amateur photographs? And sell faster too?

Human beings are naturally visual. That means without great photographs, your potential buyers are likely to lose interest quickly and click away from your listings without sending an enquiry. And if your competitors’ listings have better pictures, that’s where they’ll probably end up.

So how do you make sure that your property photographs attract the international buyers you’re looking for?

Tip #1: Sell the dream

In the first instance, you’re not selling bricks and mortar. You’re selling the dream of a new life. So think about what features of the property and its surroundings will most obviously say, “This is the place where you will be happy.” Make sure your external shots are taken on a sunny day, for example, to highlight the great weather. And be sure to capture any typical features that represent the properties in your area, whether that be traditional terracotta tiling or statuesque palm tree.

Tip #2: Set the scene

While it may be the property you’re selling, the surroundings are just as important and will all add to the lifestyle you’re selling to your international buyers. Capture those gorgeous views your location is famed for, and don’t forget to include a shot from the nearby beach or golf course. All of this will help give a sense of context to the property itself.

Tip #3: Give an accurate representation

Once you’ve hooked your buyers’ interest with the romance of their potential new life, it’s time to show them why this property is the one for them. Make sure you take photos that accurately represent each room, showing the size, layout, aspect and so on. If you can get hold of a camera with a wide-angled lens, you’ll find you can fit more of the room into each shot, creating a sense of space that will be very attractive.

Tip #4: Get the property ready

Before you start taking photos, ensure that the property looks its best. At the very least it should be tidy, but adding things like a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit can subtly hint at the lifestyle your buyers could secure for themselves. You might also suggest that the vendor makes repairs or gives the property a coat of paint to ensure it gets them – and you – a top price.

Tip #5 Pay attention to the detail

As well as the contextual and descriptive photographs, add a few detail shots to highlight particular key features of the property that your buyers might be interested in. This might be unusual tiling in the kitchen, a luxurious spa bath, or some really useful hidden storage. Try and think like a buyer – what would you be interested in if you were looking to purchase a property abroad?

Tip #6: Pay attention to quality

Of course, you can take the most evocative photographs in the world, and if they’re blurred, fuzzy or pixelated then you’re almost certainly going to lose your buyer’s interest. Unprofessional photographs will send a message that you’re unprofessional. Take the time to get some really great quality snaps, using a decent camera and even asking someone who has a bit of skill with a camera to help out. The effort will pay out in the end.

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