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Why you need to start tracking leads right now

Generating enquiries is a big focus for most property agents. It is those leads that feed the sales funnel that ultimately builds your business.

But getting leads or enquiries is just the first step. There are likely to be a number of stages between a buyer getting in touch for the first time, and them making a transfer into your bank account.

That’s why it’s vital that you track those leads, so they don’t get neglected and fade away before they convert.

What does tracking leads mean?

At the most fundamental level, tracking leads means recording all communications with a prospective buyer from the initial property enquiry – for example, through a property portal such as Kyero – right through to the sale.

The process for purchasing property in Spain can take up to two years! So while a lead might not be ready to purchase when they make first contact, maintaining regular communication with the prospect will keep your agency front of mind, increasing the likelihood of you making a future sale.

Why should I care about tracking leads?

There are lots of reasons that property agents should track leads, but here are three important ones:

#01 To get ahead of the game

If you know what types of properties people are looking for it can benefit you in two ways:

  1. You can keep an eye out, so you can add the right kind of thing to your portfolio.
  2. When a property comes in, you can be proactive and contact people that you know will be interested, straight away.

This is much more efficient than starting from scratch to find interest for every property you acquire.

#02 To get closer to your customers

If you have a record of the various contacts you’ve had with a customer, you can recall it when you next speak to them. This will give the impression that you are interested in your clients, and that you care about them. By having more meaningful conversations, you will start to build great relationships. And by getting to know potential buyers you will be able to genuinely offer them a better, more personalised, service.

#03 So that you know what’s working and what isn’t

Tracking your leads will give you a clear picture of which channels are generating leads for your business and which are not. In turn, this helps you decide which ones you should invest in further.

Keeping all this information in your head, or even on a spreadsheet, is difficult. But there are simpler ways of getting organised such as CRM systems, which can help systematise the data for you.

For now though, the important thing is just to get started. Get into the habit of collecting and using your lead information. Nurturing existing leads yields better results. Take the details of anyone who contacts you today and you’ll soon start to see the benefits of tracking leads.

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